8 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Content Audits

One of the main advantages working in field of advertising is the volume of websites we get to analyse and evaluate. The majority of clients who seeks or signs up for content marketing and/or SEO services receives content auditing. Without proper content auditing, one cannot create an effective plan and strategy because it is important to know what type of content one websites wants, has, what is missing and what content is in too much. 

In general, Digital Marketing and SEO in particular is always fast moving and changing. We do need to stay ahead of this ever changing digital landscape and where extra attention to algorithm is just the tip of the iceberg. Staying updated is the best way to keep up with the pace of ever changing Google algorithm. It means watching movies, reading blog posts, going to meet-ups and reading more!

Here we have discussed 8 vital common mistakes one makes while content auditing. Read on and learn from others’ mistakes.

Mistake #1: No Clear Action - 

The content you are going to post, the goal should be very clear. If you want your visitor of the page to stay and engage, then make sure that he understands what he has to do next. For eg., if visitor has any queries, then contacting number should be mentioned, or if down-loadable forms are given, then make sure your content is leading to that place. If not, you may loose visitors since you don’t want them to get puzzled and back out. 

Mistake #2: Lack Of Content - 

While conducting content audit, we have gone through sales pages to find and check out their maintenance, awareness and purchase etc. Most of the contents are observed to be focused more on product purchasing but not aiming at awareness, consideration and retention. It is either forgotten or skipped. It is important to keep them aware and engage them with your products benefits and uses.  

Mistake #3: Don’t Neglect Reviews - 

Creating testimonial pages on Google, on any business listing, Yelp is no good help since for such reviews there is always a correct place. If you are going to post about efficient customer product delivery safely then placing it on shipping page would just do the trick. If its is on how a product solving problems they had, using it on product page will help. Including relevant testimonials will help in local relevance in search page.  

Mistake #4: Make Content Relevant - 

For many business and obvious reason the location matters to them, where using reviews is a good way to boost searching, then make sure the content is relevant to its location. There are many websites selling the same product and content would be almost similar in terms of selling, but making the content location centric would boost rank when searched with relevant content and nearby keywords. 

Mistake #5: Talk About The Price - 

There are many companies who are engaged in B2B business, but do not list their product pricing on website. It is understandable, but by doing this, it would lead to missed opportunity as it does annoys the visitor or customer who wants to know the product price before continuing. If price could not be disclosed, then providing least information about the product can help in boosting rank. Having pricing information on your website also helps establish trust with the prospect.The more information you provide, the more trustworthy your business looks. And, in any case, the competitors are hiding theirs then customer would surely reach you first!

Mistake #6: Don’t Get Into Jargon - 

When it comes to product or service description, you must include:

  • What is the product and why should a prospect care about it?
  • How will this product make the prospect’s life easier/better?
  • What’s the next step?

Discussing customer real cases and story would results in important role in audience rank boost at your end. It not only build up the trust but also claims about your business products.

Mistake #7: Avoid Page Duplication - 

Most of the company websites having SSL certificates moves to HTTPS. But it is important to make sure that 301 redirects from HTTP version to HTTPS version to prevent your website complete duplication. This also leads to content duplication unintentionally which have an impact on search rankings, as they get confused with why version of the website page is more relevant. So avoid the website duplicity.

Mistake #8: Avoid Poor Internal Linking - 

While organizing contents on your website, make sure pages are structured well to navigate easily. Part of making important pages easy to find is through internal linking. If there is poor internal linking, visitor may not able to reach you and hence a lost opportunity. Sometimes while penning down a blog, the author forgets interlinking core website and user never reaches there. 

Wrapping Up

Content auditing is hence one of the best ways of drilling your brand or business. Though it consumes time, but it is definitely worth it. It offers insight to your website performance. As a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, 4Source Technologies engages our team members to make sure no content gap exists. So, drive traffic and boast your revenue before it’s too late. For any sort of queries, you can contact us any time.

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