Bring Life To Your Digital Products With Motion UI

Everyone, who has a primary knowledge of website design, is fully informed of the apparently unending list of jobs that are needful. Moreover, it is absolutely critical to make sure that a website is flawlessly functional and responsive. And along with desktop it must look and work well on mobile and all other devices. If a website is not compatible with all the leading browsers, the business is at risk of running out into higher trouble.

Thus, keeping the website working and easy to access for all the users should always be the primary focus. However, after considering this, a business website must include some fun elements through some little extra touches that go with the website building strategy. While flawless functionality is the foremost concern, incorporating a little extra can help the business go a long way improving the overall user experience of both existing and potential customers.

Motion UI in Websites

A business can achieve the same over a number of ways. Among all those, one most apparent is the inclusion of transition and animation. Both of these are great tools that help businesses add some indispensable flair to their website. Though it is feasible to include as many animations as one would like to, one must not go overboard. On the other hand, when used parsimoniously it can turn out to be amazingly advantageous for the website.

A website as well as an app, good design is necessary, and it works for all. A good, responsive design is great as it helps in designing a good user interface, hence offer a better user experience. In turn, it helps businesses reach more potential visitors and offer them easier navigation of the website and app.

It may help the visitors understand the solution by showing them what happens after a specific operation and escort the user’s eye into the target. Various connections between the web or app design elements can be highlighted and ducked the background operation. It can further be applied between screens by informing them that they are dropping the old user interface and advancing to a new and better interface. With the proper execution of Motion UI, a business can tell its story in a simple way for the users. This transition may surprise the users and leave them in wonder. It may also be used to compliment a web or app design and brand identity.

This may help a brand emphasise the way the business works. It may help improve user interaction, hence increase online popularity. Motion UI adds extra edges to the design and bridges the gap between software and human. Moreover, it makes things easier for the first time visitors and improves chances to retain them.

Motion designs are able to include a number of different components into it like text, lines, shapes, illustrations, photography, 3D objects, video, and a lot more. These elements are often animated in motion UI due to three major reasons including-

1. System status to load signs and notification

2. Navigation and transitions for authority and connection between elements, function change, and other effects

3. Visual feedback for responses and results of actions

Multiple Areas to Use Motion UI Design

If the aforesaid points are thoughtfully executed on a website and apps, those may simply give an amazing experience to the users.
It can be performed in a number of areas like-

  • Welcoming the Visitors

Almost all the website and app greet their visitors with a warm welcoming message. A good message influences the audience and enhances the user experience.

Welcoming motion designs are not only popular on websites or apps but on other platforms like mobile and TV welcoming screens. But make sure to applying motion designs only when it is purposeful.

If feasible a website or app may incorporate Motion UI while there's a time delay in loading of the webpage or app. Though in case, the first priority must be making the website and app perform faster.

  • Educate the Users

There may be some significant steps to complete before one can navigate the entire website or the app. Hence, in a number of events, it becomes critical to tutoring the users. Animated tutorials are great to make the users learn how the website or app works. Motion designs can intensify the UX and also improve the progression of the sites and the apps. On the other hand, it is crucial to make sure that the motion graphics complement the user experience of the app and aid in maintaining the focus of the users by managing the factors like bounce and velocity.

  • Grab Attention to Confirm Activities

It is necessary to confirm a few things, such as sending mail, or deletion of a mail, deletion of files, the uninstallation of apps, clicking on certain spam links, etc. with the user before proceeding to avoid unwanted activities which are irreversible. Hence, making this confirmation process animated can draw better user attention, and the users make sure they do not make an undesired error.

  • Add Some Fun Elements

It is good to add some fun elements on the website and app to make it popular among the users and enforce them to come back on the website or app again and again. But, never include unnecessary motion designs.

Make it easy for the users to play with the motion graphics. Many fun elements can be added for the page zoom in, zoom out, slide, or scroll activities. These help users manage contents fun-filled.

  • Attention-Grabbing Feedback Loop

In different cases, the users interact with the website and the app. In case, automated feedback helps the users having a better experience. For example, if a visitor put a wrong user id or password, quick feedback becomes helpful to inform the users. Animated feedback can be more attention-grabbing.

Animated feedback on the lock screen is also a good idea to keep users engaged.

  • Content Refresh and Reload

The contents keep on getting updated quite frequently in a number of websites and apps, especially in the leading social media sites and apps. In case, the newer contents must come up first faster. Hence, refresh, and reloading of contents must be smooth and striking. There may be different ways to refresh and reload the latest content.

There can be slide and scroll options to get the latest contents on top as well as a certain animated button to reach the top of the page directly.


So, what's to summerise?

Undoubtedly, Motion UI is one of the most spontaneous and straightforward solutions out there for the businesses and web designers who wish to spiff up their website and the apps a little more.

Thoughtful application of such animations and transitions can bring out an incredibly nice, and smart look, as well as improved user experience.

While it is important not to go too much with the Motion UI, a few additions here and there add fresh air to the existing website and app.

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