Introduction of New Search Console: How it will Help Online Businesses

Few months ago, Google introduced Search Console’s beta version. But, its use was restricted to certain users only. Recently, the restriction is removed. Now, everyone can use the latest features of Search Console to optimize their website’s presence on Google. All the verified users of Google Search Console can access Index coverage, AMP status, and Search Performance of their website using it.

According to Google, the new Search Console will create more lucidity about Google’s page indexing.  In this way, it will strengthen the communication between Google and online businessmen. Resultantly, the issues related to page-indexing could be fixed quickly. Besides, it will make the user-interface more responsive.

Combination of Old and New Functionalities

Users happy with the old functionality of Search Console shouldn’t get upset. Here’s good news for you! The new Search Console will have all the old features for the time being. It will go on adding features from the classic version all the year round. Until the completion of the version, you are free to use both the features (old and new) side-by-side. In the navigation bar, you will find links connecting both the versions. Hence, you can use whatever feature you need with ease.

Analyze Long-term Trends with Search Performance

If you were happy with Search Analytics, try Search Performance. It’s better. 
Unlike the report of Search Analytics, Search Performance will give you data for the next 16 months. You can see how many clicks your website has got. You can also get reports of CTR and impressions. Compare the website’s performance year-over-year with the use of new Search Console. Lately, Search Console API will enable you to use the data of 16months.

Index Coverage to Give Insight about URL Indexing

Use Index Coverage Report to know how correctly Google is indexing your site. It resembles Index Status report. After indexing the URLs properly, it warns you regarding indexing problems. Moreover, it also explains to you why Google couldn’t index your URL. Go through the data send by Google to dig into the problem. Resolve the issue and re-submit the URL to get it indexed.

Websites submitting sitemap files should use this Index Coverage report to get best outcomes. After the submitting of sitemap files, use the sitemap filter to narrow down the URLs list.

AMP Status Report to Diagnose URL Issues

AMP Status report is important to find out the errors in your URLs. Use the report to diagnose the problem. Fix the issue, and take a test to check the validity of your AMP warned URL. Hit the validate-fix button. In case, your page fails to qualify the validity test, you will get notification from Google instantly.

Once you sort out the problem, Google will reprocess the affected URLs automatically.

Job Posting Report to Make Your Job Listing Appear on Google

Does your website have job listings? All your job postings will come up on when a person searches on Google for jobs. As a result, you will know how much people have clicked on your job posting ads. It will not only give you statistics but also will warn you about the indexing issues. Presently, this facility is limited to certain locations only. 


Google is now waiting to know how much the users of new Search Console are satisfied. Everyone is allowed to send his or her feedback. It is believed that the inclusion of the new features will enable the business owners to stay ahead. But, at the same time, it will make the online competition even tough.

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