How Important Is Your Social Stand For Corporate Link Building?

Social Stand - how much does it influence your brand?

You won't believe, but a brand's social stand plays a big role in corporate link building task. Consumers not only consider the quality of the products or services, but they look into something deeper.

At present scenario, a large number of your potential clientele prioritize on your business's CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

A business is not just accountable for their service and goods but also for social interests based on their business values, practices and proceeds.

Even you may notice people often turn their back to their 'once favourite brands' when they are not convinced with the company's stand on social and environmental issues.

Becoming a Responsible Corporate Citizen...

As per the Vice President of Member Engagement at the CSR and Sustainability News business 3BL Media, Mr. Jen Boynton, corporate responsibility is nothing but taking responsibility of a company's own business impact on the societal and environment. A strong CSR programme is an opportunity for the businesses to express their responsible corporate citizenship. And it also protects the company from the bigger threats of its surroundings.

What Does the Numbers Say?

A recent study directed by Cone Communications (leading US media company) has revealed how important CSR has become among the consumers.

  • More than 60% of the Americans expect businesses to make social and environmental changes even in absence of government regulations.
  • 87% of the consumers surveyed said, they would purchase a product of a brand that supports and cares about its targeted customers.
  • Moreover, a large number of people, nearly 76%, turn down a brand if the company takes interest or supports a social or environmental issue that is against mass interest.

It is Not Just the Consumers...

If you think consumers are the only concern, you are wrong.

Not only the consumers are drawn to the companies that hand back the society and earth, but the best young workforce also chooses those responsible companies to work.

The next-gen employees look for those employers who are focused on the PEOPLE, PLANET and REVENUE.

Companies Practicing CSR in Different Forms

Considering the importance of social responsibility, many companies are now focusing on their social and environmental responsibilities and practicing CSR in a few broad areas. Those includes -

  • Philanthropy: Businesses practice social responsibilities by serving social causes, donating money, goods, sponsoring individual talents etc. The larger associations tend to invest more in their philanthropic practices through different resources for the communal and charitable benefits that earn more dependability of the consumers on the business.
  • Environmental Attempts: You have heard of Carbon Footprints right?
    Regardless of the size and interest, every business leaves large carbon footprint.
    Any step you take to trim down the carbon footprints is good for both your business and the society.
  • Ethical Labour Practice: Treating your employees ethically and truthfully is another best way to demonstrate a good CSR practice. More importantly, those companies which operate business in different countries following different labour laws must follow this social stand quite clearly.
  • Volunteering: A business's presence in different volunteering events increases a brand's authenticity. When a business gets involved in volunteering jobs, without expecting any return profit, it expresses the business's concern and support for the particular cause. It helps in the company's benevolence.

A Socially Responsible Business...

Being a socially responsible business not only helps in becoming the interest for the socially conscious consumers and the workforce, but it helps in causing a real difference in the world.

Moreover, in Corporate Social Responsibility practice, clarity and sincerity are the most crucial to earn public trust.

If a business does the CSR planning and takes decisions behind closed door, is of no use. It may reversely affect the business's goodwill making people doubtful on the service. Hence, it is highly suggested to engage employees and consumers in the process. Let them feel like they are an important part of it and have an authority.

Start adding a clear philosophy in the work culture. Even a business that hasn't enough reason to focus on any particular cause or any organization may start with the same if that is important to the employees (and also to the potential consumers).

The businesses may also allow their consumers to join hands with the brand to serve their social causes and help the community and the planet in a sustainable way.

Involving Consumers & Employees...

If your business has something really important, accountable for CSR, share it with your employees, your consumers. They deserve to know the good deeds and share the better feel related to it. Even surveys show, large number of consumers are prone to procure a sustainable product over its conventional substitute.

Hence, announcing the benefits of a brand and business, you can be in a win-win condition from both commercial and sustainable perceptions.

It's Not a One-Time Deal...

CSR is not a one-time deal. Every business must maintain the practice persistently and dynamically and consistently work on your process; it's not a one-time deal. Every business needs a drive and passion to keep on CSR efforts flourishing. Going hand in hand with a business's Online Reputation Management, CSR keeps a brand in lead.

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