Latest Social Media Trends Going to Dominate The Recent Year 2017

Lately, the social media platforms are what the people apply for distinct purposes. Besides being a tool to get connected with close individuals while freshening up the mood, it’s quite significant in the case of marketing or promoting your brand. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration in stating that enhancing the business standard is another factor associated with such type of marketing tool.

The tactics and functionality of Social Media Marketing are not static and they keep evolving. This is quite obvious that this present year has brought forth something new and astounding that can take a complete control over the promotion and growth of marketing. The recent trends are enlisted below. Have a look at them now.

5 major trends going to rule the industry:

Social media is regarded to be one of the fastest changing zones, that allow the marketers to be in the news. Take a glance at the below discussed topics to heighten your idea in the similar case.

1. Messenger and WhatsApp will be communication tools:

Already Messenger and WhatsApp are in use and it is believed that in the present year, it’s going to flourish more. 2017 will witness these two tools as the major mediums of business communications. Social media sites have been being utilized for several past years to do the needful for enterprises and from now on, WhatsApp and Messenger would play an essential role in getting connected with the customers or users.

2. Facebook and Instagram will remain popular:

Facebook and Instagram are the two most significant social media platforms and a majority throughout the world are well acquainted with these. 2017 is going to be no exception of it and these platforms will gain more importance. Live videos and relevant contents with proper information are shared on Facebook as it is one of the user-friendly mediums indeed. Besides, Instagram is going to enhance its popularity. Keep in mind that Twitter will face a deterioration in the case of the modern marketing way.

3. Ad platform of LinkedIn will be enhanced:

LinkedIn has already been known for its performance and this year, there is a requisite of heightening their ad platforms, so that the portal can compete with other popular networking sites with ease. In that case, there’s going to be a great divergence between the trend of 2016 and that of 2017. LinkedIn will be utilized as the advertiser and hence, will rank high in the list of Social Media Marketing tools.

4. Take hold of the authentic news:

Another marketing technique is to stand against the fake and inaccurate news that has been being published throughout the recent years. A great many folks seem to rely highly on the internet to stay updated with the latest news and for this reason, different sites have been publishing and circulating inappropriate information about the current events. But, the recent trend is all about opposing this adversity by utilizing various social media platforms. Sharing authentic contents to maintain transparency will rule the industry.

5. 360° Video will soar:

Posting videos are always considered to be cracking and 360° videos are going to be emerging. Uploading videos have always been helpful for the business individual to promote their brands or products and this sort of impelling videos will enable the enterprises to get benefited more.

Final Words:

These are some of the social media strategies that will assist the businesses to shine in this year. But that’s not all and there are some other aspects that will hit the market to make advances to the enterprises.

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