Top 4 Logo Design Trends To Follow In 2019

Are you in search of a business logo for your brand? Do you wish to renovate your old brand logo? Don’t you think of pushing all boundaries to stand out among your competitors? We know what the logo means for your business. A logo is one of the most significant elements of brand identity, and just as the fashion trends, logo design trends keep changing.

If you miss the trend, and your logo slips out the style, it may lead to an obsolete look. So, keep your business logo contemporary and persuasive by staying up to date with the current trends.

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the latest trends of Logo Designing in 2019. Hope the content will help you make your choice.

1. Shape Up Your Logo

Creative scribbles - Logical squares - Warm and fuzzy hearts - all these shapes are in trend to shape your logo and to create a powerful impact on the target audience. IBM, Terravant Wine Company logos can be your inspiration in this section.

If you are thinking of the Geometric shapes, consider circle, square, and triangle to express your business structure, organisation and efficiency. Unlike the complex shapes, these logo designs are easy to redesign, regardless of partial or colour and positioning on the promotional materials. You can get your inspiration from these popular logos including - Microsoft, HSBC, Mitsubishi, Master Card.

2. Emphasise Overlapping Shapes or Letters

Don’t make your logo complex, rather make it more impressive, perceptive and thoughtful. Overlapping effect can help you get the desired look quite easy. Create overlapping colours or letters with intelligent shapes, depth, and dimension to grab attention. Get inspiration from the logos like FedEx, Master Card, Ad Words etc.

3. Boost Logo with Bubble Typefaces

Though the bubble typefaces are out of trend, it is making its comeback this year. Add a retro vibe to your logo with the bubble letters that add a spice to flat designs and layouts.

These bubbly logos go well and playful with coffee shop logo, restaurant logo or amusement or entertainment related brand logo.

4. Keep Simplicity in Mind

Simplicity is the latest complexity, which you must handle with care and expertise. Starting from streamlining to complete redesigning of an existing logo, designers are leaving no stone unturned to keep or make the logo simpler.

Clear, least complicated logo designs are obvious to recognise and remember. Your logo is the impression to scale your business, and it must not go out of style. And simple and subtle designs never go out of fashion. Logos like American Express, Google, eBay can be taken into consideration for simple yet sensible logo inspiration.

Final Words

According to the latest business and design trend, all these aforementioned points are important to remember while designing or redesigning your logo. But you don’t need to include all these elements in a single logo. But, other than following the trend blindly, or keeping eye on the big brands, dare to think out-of-the-box and design differently. The best mantra is to Experiment and keep things Simple!

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