Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

For any business, traffic inflow is an important thing to reach its goal and developing into a big-scale company from a small-sized venture. A website has plenty of things to manage usually which helps in increasing the traffic and also taking where maximum traffic plays the most important role.

Tracking traffic may seem easy work, but one may end up doing many things wrong, and it can set in a complicated position. Due to this reason, tracking and monitoring traffic wisely plays a vital role. Here in this post, we will be discussing some easy ways to calculate the right engagement of traffic and observe how far you've grown your business from the past. In this way, you will learn more about the top 5 common mistakes which everyone has done.

Avoiding these content marketing mistakes can help you in calculating and avoiding most of the issues faced with ease. Now let's take a look into the major ones —

1. Checking the Competitor's Position

It is necessary always to know where and what is your competitor's position so that you can set your goals quickly and surpass them. If you are using a third-party tool for tracking, then tracking almost 500 competitors may be possible by creating new projects. But are the right way? Well, chances of making mistakes can be higher in such a manner, and you can end up miscalculating the wrong amount.

Due to such reasons, you will be estimating and looking at a number of factors and the best solution is by developing projects and exploring your competitor's capabilities.

Keep in mind that you do not spend on the position of your competitors because the same amount of money can be spent on your website betterment.

2. Changes Result

Making any changes on your website can help in gaining and losing traffic as well. Most of the business tend to make this mistake and don't take into consideration the traffic change due to any changes taking place. Experimentation is necessary and that's why one should track changes in traffic before and after it. By doing this, it will let you know if the changes actually helped you with your website ranking or not. You can avoid most of the mistakes by following this method.

The SEO quality effort may go wasted if your tracking is not done and further prevent you from making any more changes to seek maximum traffic. These things can affect a decrease in traffic and that's why being selective is necessary. Otherwise, you might end up getting into many issues in the near future. You can assign various tags for every change and keep a check on the traffic gained by any particular change to evaluate how much benefits you have obtained.

3. Rank Tracking as per keyword

Every website to gain traffic focuses on a number of keywords, and it is most necessary that you should track all your keywords wisely. So tracking all your keywords play a vital role because it will help in raising and gaining a huge traffic amount with ease. Following this method can help in gaining huge inflow of traffic, and also, in turn, increase the traffic as you keep on tracking down the right keyword.

Putting your whole keyword list on track is not a good choice. In case, you put the entire list, it becomes harder to track, hence selecting a few important points is important. To have proper optimization, dividing the keywords into groups is best and by doing so, it will help in giving you the best details with ease.

4. Specific Keyword Category

The share of a specific keyword in the market is always high, and most of the businesses usually avoid the market share for a particular keyword. If the traffic for the main keyword is not that much, but you are trying to get it in the Google ranking, then you may go wrong. Choosing a less competitive keyword is best.

Keyword tracking plays an important role and that's why one should also look into some of the primary keywords which also helps in bringing in traffic inflow on a particular source. Improper planning and management can waste your money and time as well, and that's why being selective is necessary. The best solution is by creating separate tags for each category that can fulfil the need easily.

5. Landing Page Configuration

If you are not keeping your landing pages configured, then it will decrease your website traffic inflow. It is vital to make sure you are landing page is configured properly. According to recent statistics, more than 20% of the landing pages are not properly or even configured, making unstable traffic inflow.

Imagine your website is that of a departmental store. There are multiple entrances, each of which are filled with different scores of buyers and browsers. Because these entrances are the visitor's first impression, it's important to look impressive and showcase the best you have to offer. But for that, you have to configure your entrances to convert your visitors into committed buyers. The best way to do that is by offering multiple offers and incentives like sale banners, promotional displays, free subscriptions, sign-ups, etc.

Better the landing page configured, better traffic conversion.

Bottom Line.

Considering these above-discussed factors and using them as your Content Marketing strategy in 2019 can help increase traffic inflow on a website easily and quickly. Hope this post will help you and provide a range of advantages.

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