Digital Marketing Services

Web Designer

We believe in investing human resources not only for meeting the needs of our clients but, also to enhance the future prospects of a young learner. A web designer should be responsible enough for creating a site or page through applying some magnificent ideas. The job duties of a responsible web designer may vary from developing design concepts to implementing online campaigns. All the employees of Four Source Technologies are encouraged to showcase their talents on different challenging projects.

Responsibilities and work activities:

  • Building a strong communication with the clients. Arranging meetings with clients for knowing their requirements.
  • Developing expertise in different programming language, including Javascript, HTML, etc.
  • Designing the visual imagery of the website and make sure whether it is going well with the requirements of the clients or not.
  • Making a user-friendly and interactive website should also be one of the most important responsibilities of a Web Designer.
  • Keeping themselves up to date with the latest technological advancements of the industry.
  • Arranging promotional campaigns for the sites.

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