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Dwivedi Luxury Hostels

In the sector of hostel, it’s significant to impress visitors with engaging and informative content along with pictures of the rooms. You’re doing so for self-differentiating yourself and to stand out in the competition. Dwivedi Luxury Hotels deal offer fully-equipped AC private rooms to enhance the staying experience of the travelers at pocket-friendly prices in Thailand.

They approached us to design their website to drive in more guests and hence, more sales.

The Challenge

Whereas many hostels cater to the pleasure-loving traveler, the anxiety of user brings down the sales funnel. Tourists need to stay somewhere that’s secured, ensures comfort, and is accessible. Managing the website by putting informative and proper content to accommodate global clients with different languages was the challenge for us.

The Insights

Instead of displaying some fake pictures on the website, we had to provide required information along with real images. Today, approximately 40% of the travelers personalize their trip by staying in hostels that are budget-friendly and fulfill all the necessary requirements.

The Solution

Enjoy Successful Web Experience!

We have re-organized images and provide more compelling content to draw in huge visitors through the newly designed website. An interactive ‘Maps and Directions’ section was also included to show you the main points of interest where they can spend time leisurely.