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Fortified lifting and welding with robust and durable equipment.


With a view to help out different Indian industries, KEPRO Tools & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Was established in 1999, under Companies Act, 1956. This ISO 9001 accredited company has been popular for offering a wide range of properly tested and hence, safe and strong lifting and welding tools to several Indian industries for more than 16 years. Besides having registered office at Kolkata, Kepro has associates at Haridwar, Delhi and Ahmedabad. In addition, they have more than 100 dealers and distributors throughout India and they serve various users maintaining proper punctuality.


The customers that Kepro work for include Steel and Power Plants, Aluminium & Copper Plants, Atomic Power Plants, CoalBelds, Electricity Boards, Mining Sectors, Oil Refineries, Port Trust, Infrastructure Industries, Dockyards, Indian Defence Services, etc. Their primary requisite is to keep hold on their reputation through their high-end services. They intend to manage and maintain strong and cordial terms with the discerning clients by making them utterly pleased and satisfied.


The first and foremost agenda for the business was to get digital so that the users can get relevant information about their tools and services without facing any hurdle. They were likely to provide all the necessary details about their equipment that they deal in.


Keeping in mind the necessities of Kepro, the experts of Four Source Technologies have offered them an outstanding solution by proffering convenient website at affordable cost. Not just that but also the site will look and function properly on every type of devices. Their site enlists all the products along with major specifications. These are nevertheless going to be advantageous for their esteemed customers.