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Old Car

When someone ‘dares the world to save the planet’, we love to help them in their endeavor. How? Of course, by offering them strategic marketing solutions. That’s why, we have come up as a friend to OldCar company.

Providing the services often come with challenges. Our team was completely ready to overcome the challenges with their creativity. Let’s read how we had done that.


The objective of OldCar was to recycle the junk cars. As they were doing something innovative, understanding their business fully was key to designing their website. Prior to website designing and developing, observing what their peers are doing was a big challenge for us.

Another challenge we face while working on the project is following the trend in website designing of a company of this niche.


Through in-depth research and knowledge, we attempted to give them an engaging, easy-to navigate, and responsive website.


  • Identified the Targeted Audience: As the company deals with cars, we have to design the website in a way that it will engage the targeted audiences.
  • Framed Designing Strategy: We analyze the business to frame strategies of how to create interesting and SEO-friendly website.
  • Designed the Website: Simple website that can convey the message of the business properly is what we’ve designed for them.

Now, they are enjoying huge ROI by getting customers through their website.