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Rajshree Recycling Metals

Authentic and state-of-the-art car scraping solutions in a cost-effective way.


Rajshree Recycling Metals Private Limited is the first ever company in India that has been dealing in car scrapping. Their working area presently includes Kolkata and Mumbai and they are soon going to be accessible at Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. They even have their own yard for processing the spare and unnecessary parts of the cars that are basically older than 15 years and quite obviously, don’t be in a condition to run on the road. The services that they offer to their clients are absolutely authentic as proper paperwork is done beforehand. They also have set up a modern plant that’s needful to prepare shredder scrap from the car’s structure. However, the car recycling procedure is value-driven as the scrap metals get utilized in the iron and steel industry.


Not many people are aware of the facts of car scrapping and recycling and hence, the primary requisite of RR Metals was to make people conscious about the whole process and its significance. To make this happen, what they needed was a website through which a huge number of individuals can gather relevant information on them.


The dynamic team members of Four Source Technologies have given RR Metals a perfect solution by creating user-friendly as well as bespoken website. In addition to this, an astounding logo has been delivered and it perfectly relates to their brand. Every sort of detail including their style of working and contact is mentioned on the site to help out the visitors.