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What is Hybrid App Development?

You can regard it as a web app that has been chiefly built with the help of JavaScript and HTML5. It is then properly enfolded within a slim native container which assists in accessing native platform characteristics.

"We pride ourselves in our designs, not just because they are modern and attractive, but because they work to achieve our clients marketing goals."
- Michelle Annett,
Project Management

Hybrid mobile app can be regarded as a solution which is combined with native and web based applications. However they are not like mobile apps and are made to run within native container. It exercises the browser engine of the device hence, rendering HTML and to smoothly perform JavaScript. The abstraction layer assists in accessing the abilities of the device like local storage, camera and accelerometer. An end user will not be able to get to know any or much difference between native and hybrid app, however, they launch, look and function in the similar way.

Why Us?

Four Source Technologies is a proficient and specialized web development firm, and we are highly committed towards serving systematic and resourceful hybrid application development solution to ou clients all across the world. We do come with the ability to merge HTML5 development with highly developed mobile frameworks. We also fruitfully build apps which look quite close to native ones and on practically every major platform like iOS, Android, Windows mobile and others. Hybrid also assist in lessening several coding works and app will be made accessible on diverse platforms with just about few alterations.

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