Email Marketing

We analyze your current email marketing strategy to give you solutions to improve your ROI

Unleash Your Subscribers' List

Email marketing, if done rightly, make your customers click on it. This direct form of marketing communication can be automated and targeted with ease. You do email marketing to send relevant message to your recipients.

At 4Source Technologies, we develop a communication strategy that promises to give optimum result. We strategize marketing automation to deliver engaging and dynamic content. Considering your business objectives, we conduct a thorough audit of your email marketing campaign. This audit helps us to discuss with you the areas where you need to improve.

Let Your Brand Tell Your Story

Every brand has their own story to share with their audience. Make sure that your brand is telling your story in a way that it is appealing to the customers. Using only the available data can't bring any success to your email campaign. Paying attention to its feel is crucial. At the same time, you have to make sure that the design is responsive so that it can be accessed across various devices. The team of 4Source Technologies adopts a mobile-first approach to design a responsive email template. Your email should focus on a single message. We keep the message of your email in mind while making it comprehensive for your readers.

We take into account your customers' behavior to deliver dynamic content. While doing that we make sure that the message of the emails will be relevant to all the recipients.

Testing of Your Email Campaigning

We use A/B testing options for your click-through-rates optimization. This testing also enables us to measure the success of our framed email marketing campaign. As such, our in-house experts can easily create newsletters in line with the best practices of email campaigning. Moreover brand-specific data allows us to design an email meeting the requirements of your recipients perfectly.

Our insight and years of experience in this field have helped us to develop an approach to find out what works best for you and the areas where you need to give more effort.